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A Little About Me...

Who I am is not as important to me as what I am. I wear many hats in my life just as you do. I am a child of someone, a parent of many, a spouse, a friend and a colleague.


Like you, I am a story teller and I love to read! Reading takes us places we may never visit - India, the 1800's and far beyond the moon. Reading makes us limitless. We are knights of the round table, damsels in distress, leaders of great nations and discoverers of great treasures.


When I read a book, I am transported to the land of my own imagination. Given simple parameters, I can create the scenes, dress, accents and accessories of the book. Reading takes me from my life and broadens my spectrum. I learn about things, I experience feelings and I live as others have lived. I am transformed.


As I write my books, I want to take you to the land of my imagination. I want you to see the same things which I see in my head as I tell you the story. Of course, I can bet each one of us sees it differently, but that's okay; that's what makes us each individuals. We see things from our own perspective.


Writing my books has always brought me great pleasure, but the fact that I'm sharing them with you is a feeling of pure excitement!


Each one of us has many stories to tell; perhaps it was our ancestor's story or a friend's but we have found a way to tell that one best. We have found a way to share ourselves in the telling.


As you read my 1st novel, Suffer Not the Children, sponsored by for Kindle e-books, please understand it is my honor to share this experience with you. I hope to be sharing more stories with you soon.


Leira Nomis is just a name, but I am more than that; I am a taxi service, a provider, a good listener but like you, I am also a story teller.


Leira Nomis

Suffer Not the Children

Joshua Maguire’s life was turned upside down with the loss of his father. But when he loses his mother and sister, the orphan seeks shelter from a dying man. Unable to properly care for the boy, Cap McKinley enlists the help of others to find the boy the family he so desperately needs.


A small-town preacher was looking to start the perfect family, and Joshua seems to be the answer for him, but not for his wife, Lynette. But there is more to Joshua’s story. In the difficulties of building their family, the Lorings are forced to face old troubles in their marriage, new challenges and a mystery which threatens their family’s safety and future.


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